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Blind Pew

The opening chapters of Treasure Island were set on the Devon coast at an inn named The Admiral Benbow, where young Jim Hawkins lived with his mother. The remoteness of the place attracted an old sea rover by the name of Billy Bones who, as it turned out, had the map to Cap'n Flint's treasure. Pirates up and down the coast were searching for him and one such fellow, Black Dog, found him.

Once this happened the rum-sodden fugitive began to confide in Jim and when Blind Pew arrived on the scene, with the infamous Black Spot, the shock was enough to kill Bones. Before he died, however, he thrust the treasure map into Hawkins' hands just before Blind Pew returned with his pirate band.

Jim fortunately had summoned help. Dr Livesey, with Squire Trelawney and his men, turned up in the nick of time to set the buccaneers on their heels. In the melee that followed, Blind Pew was trampled to death.

King Street was chosen for the start of the Treasure Island Trail because it is Bristol's most historic and atmospheric street. Not only does it contain Britain's oldest working theatre, but it is also blessed with many ancient hostelries: the two most famous being The Naval Volunteer and the Llandoger Trow, renowned for their sea going associations.