Treasure Island Story Walk Preview in Sunny Bristol’s Docks

Supporters and members of the Long John Silver Trust were treated to a preview of the epic “Treasure Island Story Walk” last night in sunny Bristol’s docks.

The performance, brilliantly scripted by Sheila Hannon of Bristol based Show of Strength Theatre Company, is a unique take on Stevenson’s classic tale.

All three actors (Kirris Riviere, Nadia Williams and Gerrard Cooke) added their own characterisations, and all three were stunning!

Definitely a FIVE STAR performance.

The Story Walk runs for only nine days during the bank holiday half term break (starting 27th May 2017 and ending on 4th June 2017, two performances daily, one at 2pm and one at 4pm) so turn up now to avoid disappointment. If the run is successful, and it deserves to be, it could be back in August.

Above are members of the cast and scurvy crew members from the Long John Silver Trust.

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