‘Local History Book Fair’ at Bristol Records Office

This Saturday (24th November 2012) Bristol Records Office is hosting a ‘Bristol Local History Book Fair’ event in ‘B’ Bond Warehouse.

Old and new books will be for sale from a range of your favourite local publishers, and they will be complemented by four talks from local authors. Two of them will be conducted by members of the Long John Silver Trust.

Vice-Chairman Prof. ‘Billy Bones’ Fairney will be taking a rest from starring in Edinburgh as Ben Gunn and talking about another great love of his life, engineering, and Secretary ‘Long John Steedsy’ will be talking about Pirates and Privateers out of Bristol (please see poster below).

Thanks to our Chairman Gerry Brooke for getting the event highlighted in Tuesday’s Bristol Times supplement of the Post (Gerry’s editor of said tome) and to Radio Bristol’s Steve Yabsley, who featured Bill on his lunchtime show on Monday.

If you would like to hear Steve’s brilliant interview with Bill, please go to the Radio Bristol ‘BBC iPlayer’ for Monday 19th November and go about 30 minutes into the programme – you’ll enjoy it.

If you want the real thing or get some early Christmas prezzies, please come along on Saturday, it’ll be great to see you there.

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