LJST Open Letter to Bristol Mayoral Candidates

We have sent the Open Letter below to all Bristol Mayoral Candidates, to find out who supports us, and to publicise our proposals via the hustings. We will post any replies from candidates when they are received. Open letter to Bristol mayoral candidates

So far we have had the email responses posted below.

Dear Chris
Thank you for your email and your open letter to the Mayoral candidates.

I am certainly delighted to offer you my support and would enjoy walking the route with you in due course but I have to say that my diary between now and 15th November is too full to take any further commitments.

I do however wish you well and please do keep me up to date on your progress.

With best wishes

Yours sincerely

Geoff Gollop

Hi Chris
This sounds a fantastic idea!  I read Treasure Island as a lad and I re-read it a couple of years ago as part of the Read A Million Words Initiative.  I never tire of telling those not from Bristol about our literary past, the Hole In The Wall and the story of Alexander Selkirk and Daniel Defoe.

With all best wishes for the future and for a great boost to Bristol tourism reputation.

Neil Maggs
Respect Party Anti Cuts candidate for Mayor of Bristol

Dear Long John Silver Trust,
Thank you  very much for your letter, sharing with me your exciting plans about a Long John Silver Trail. My family and children already enjoy walking around the docks, and I think you plans would certainly enhance the area and make a great tourist attraction.

If I get the chance over the next week, I will write about your plans in my blog (address below), and publicise further.

Best wishes,

Daniella Radice

Green Party Candidate for Mayor of Bristol

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