Sep 08

Fish n’ Chips – Successful Voyage

Matthew - Sailing Ship - Bristol“On Tuesday 4th September, the Long John Silver Trust took to the high seas of Bristol’s famous Floating Harbour once again on yet another ‘Fish ’n’ Chip’ excursion aboard the good ship Matthew.

We set off from the Beaufort’s LJS HQ aboard Chris Knight’s classic Routemaster London red bus bound for the bright lights of the ‘Metropolis of the West’ at 6pm, arriving in good time to board the Matthew outside the Arnolfini at 7pm.

Captain Rob Salvidge was our host, ably assisted by his gang of handpicked cut-throats and a more convivial host you couldn’t wish for. Against a fierce head wind (Curly talking too much) we pitched and rolled our way down to the Pump House where Rob’s crew had raided an excellent Fish shop nearby.

Fed and watered (the Beaufort regulars making full use of the Matthew’s excellent licensed bar) the Matthew then returned to her Arnolfini berth, swashing and buckling all the way up the docks.

There to meet us was Chris’s bus once again and we returned home via Fishponds, Downend and Yate (the glamour of it all) for 10pm where some imbibed in yet more drink c/o the Beaufort.

As well as putting some money in the Matthew’s coffers, over £200 was raised for Bristol Vintage Bus Group (of whom Chris is a member) and the LJS Trust – the spoils divvied in half.

Huge thanks once again to all those who either helped or took part. Royston Griffey (Chair of the Matthew of Bristol Trust and LJST Patron) kindly received us on the Matthew and a whole host of Beaufort regulars and Trust members who joined in.

A great effort, we had 38 people from Sodbury, Tetbury, Hawkesbury, Kingswood (W-U-E), Inglestone Common and even Dursley.

Special thanks to Rich and Mo and their party plus Angie and Den of The Boundary magazine ( who made donations over and above the cost of the trip.

Look out for our next tie-up with the Matthew on October 14th during the Bristol Literature Festival, and if you’re down the docks on Saturday 8th September for Open Doors Day we’re at Betty’s Boathouse on Redcliffe Wharf (just outside the Caves which will be open) selling our wares.”

Mark (LJS Trust secretary and trustee)