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Each day we offer you at least one different Fact of the Day, which is usually Pirate orientated:
Fact of the Day:-

The word anchor comes from the Latin ancora/anchora meaning "bend, crook, hook." It is attached by a cable or chain to a vessel and is usually made of iron, with a long shank and two arms called flukes that curve upward and have barbs on the ends.

Anchors come in many different sizes, the sheet anchor being the largest, followed by the bower anchor. The kedge anchor is considered the smallest. Ancient anchors consisted of large stones, baskets filled with stones, sacks of sand, or logs loaded with lead, all of which held the vessel in place merely by their weight and by friction along the bottom.

Fact of the Day:-

Newgate prison, where many pirates over the centuries were held before execution, closed in 1902, and was demolished in 1904. The Central Criminal Court (also known as the Old Bailey after the street on which it stands) now stands upon its site.

Fact of the Day:-

The role of music was very important to the age of sail. The rhythmic songs (known as "Sea Shanties") served to both boost onboard morale on long voyages and to coordinate the brute strength of the sailors. Many tasks, such as raising the ships anchor, loading cargo, adjusting spar elevations on tall ships, hauling lines and more could involve several tons worth of dead weight. It was only through the coordinated effort of the crew that made these tasks possible.

On This Date In History
19th June in 1704:- The trial against John Quelch for piracy, robbery and murder opened in Boston.
19th June in 1917:- The British royal family adopted the name of Windsor to replace Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. King George V made the name change to disassociate the royal family from its German origins.