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Treasure Island Quiz
Choose your answer from the dropdown lists:-
1. What year was "Treasure Island" first published as a book?
2. How did Billy Bones die?
3. What was Tom Redruth once employed as by Squire Trelawney?
4. Where is Robert Louis Stevenson buried?
5. What is the name of Long John Silver's pub?
6. What was one of Long John Silver's nicknames?
7. What is the name of Silver's parrot?
8. What is the name of the schooner they sail to Treasure Island in?
9. Which pirate did the real life Israel Hands sail with?
10. What were Ben Gunn's clothes made of?
11. What was the name of the Hispaniola's first mate, who Silver plied with rum-laden plum duff and then had mysteriously fall overboard?
12. What was Silver's artificial left leg made of?
13.Where did Stevenson first start writing Treasure Island?
14. Robert Louis Stevenson had one additional christian name. What was it?
15. Captain Flint's death was said in the book to have been caused by?
16. Where did Stevenson finish writing Treasure Island?
17. Which British Admiral did Silver say he sailed under?
18. Billy Bones is visited at the Admiral Benbow by a mysterious sailor named?
19. Who bought the schooner "Hispaniola"?
20. Who captained the Hispaniola?
21. How old was Stevenson when he started to write Treasure island?
22. Dead Man's Chest Island and Norman Island are in the?
23. Which Gloucestershire writer inspired Stevenson's character of Long John Silver?